Keep #moving no matter what. #beunbreakable h…

Keep #moving no matter what. #beunbreakable

Welcome To Winning Wednesday My Sweet Angels! …

Welcome To Winning Wednesday My Sweet Angels! ❤️ AM I A BURDEN…OR A BLESSING? (A Moment of Reflection) I heard early in my life that God will often disguise blessings as burdens in order to see how much the blessing really means to you because if you’re willing to fight for it, then you really desire it! KNOW THIS: God will never test whether you DESERVE something because you are ALREADY deserving of everything GOD has for you! (It has taken me years to grab hold of that one fact!(. That statement has stuck with me my entire life because I have often asked God “Am I a burden…or blessing?” You see, when I was younger, that question occupied practically every inch of my mind. Growing up with a birth defect (Cerebral Palsy) is not easy because it forces you to be different and stand out from the crowd. I never had a choice in the matter–I have never fit in!…I have always been the “special one”, the “odd one” and the “different one” and because of that, I was often left out of things, ignored, overlooked and yes I would have to say often forgotten about. It has taken me years to realize that even when those closest to me have made me feel that way, God NEVER DID! I experienced a situation just recently where I was indeed “left out” of something that really meant a great deal to me (no one even thought to include me); so as expected, the enemy crept in immediately with those feelings of inadequacy and that feeling of yet again being that “inconvenience” that no one wanted to be responsible for…but instead of crumbling under the weight of my extremely deep hurt, a river of tears and allowing anger and unforgiveness to manifest, I used my hurt to not only heal myself but I was able to help others heal as well. See how AWESOME God is! So I said all of that to say this: Your HEAVIEST BURDEN is birthing your BIGGEST BLESSING!!!! A NEW AND IMPROVED YOU!!!!! Man may have forgotten you but God NEVER WILL! Forgive quickly and move on to your next blessing! P.S. And whether “you” ever recognize it or not…I AM A BLESSING! CASE CLOSED! Be Blessed Angels! ❤️ #ELDS #LTMA #Favor #Increase #KingdomDream



When we feel as though we’ve achieved great things, whether small or large, let us take time to recognize our accomplishments and truly celebrate them. It’s within these times that we can come to realize just how far we have come towards the life we desire to live.

If you get that #secondchance . Be grateful! H…

If you get that #secondchance . Be grateful! Have a #goodnight🌙 unbreakable zouls.

#beunbreakable #nightvibes





Today I felt proud because my monstera cutting…

Today I felt proud because my monstera cutting is doing better than I thought! I'm a proud plant dad!


Dear Family and Friends: I am currently embar…

Dear Family and Friends:

I am currently embarking on a 100-DAY BOOK SELLING CHALLENGE!!! The goal my publisher has set for me is to make one sell a day over the next 100 days (July 4-October 12, 2019)! This is a very ambitious goal for me but with the help of my social media family, I know I will be able to reach my goal! Those wishing to purchase my book can go to Amazon.

Get your copy today @

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Today I felt proud because I finished my first…

Today I felt proud because I finished my first full day of school and even though there were some rough patches and some errors with my schedule, I went through they day without too much trouble and I had a great day! Especially since I got to see all of my friends again.

You are such a trooper! I’m sure your friends were so glad to see you!

Welcome To Turnaround Tuesday My Sweet Angels!…

Welcome To Turnaround Tuesday My Sweet Angels!❤️ THE POWER OF DIVINE CONNECTIONS: Never Be Afraid To Allow Someone In…What You Lack Is Always Housed In Others. It Is Often Said That “It’s Lonely At the Top!” Well, It Doesn’t Have To Be Because God Never Intended For Us To Succeed Alone. Reach Out And Be A Blessing To Someone Today! Blessings Angels!❤️ #ELDS #LTMA #Favor #Increase #KingdomDream