Too often, we place our focus on the wrong thing. We concentrate on the negative or the unfortunate consequences of a change, rather that looking towards the bright side. Especially in our connected world, we are constantly faced with bad news and overwhelmed with scare tactics. If we let all this get to us, surely we will burn out. Instead, let us focus on positivity in this world and work to make it a better place.



It’s truly incredible to think about all that the Internet has changed and allowed us to do. Indeed, prior to its fruition, we rarely would publicly share our thoughts. These were private and there was a fine line that distinctly defined when that line was crossed. However with the ease and swift tap, we can instantly share our ideas and thoughts with the world. Let us be wise with this power and ensure that we are only sharing what will be a light for others.

Archie McPhee has opened a Rubber Chicken Muse…

Archie McPhee has opened a Rubber Chicken Museum

The next time you’re in Seattle, stop by and learn the history of the rubber chicken. We’ve also got the world’s largest and world’s smallest rubber chicken! You’ll squawk with delight! Click here to listen to our podcast about the museum. 

More info here



The truth is critical to our health. If we live a life full of lies and untruths, surely we will find ourselves disappointed and depressed. When we falsely state facts that appear to be truth, deceiving those around us, we create a culture of distrust and relationships quickly beak down. As such, let us always speak the truth, even when it hurts, for it always will prove to be worth it in the end.



We may not know what lies ahead, but let that not stop us from working to prepare ourselves for whatever might come. It can be challenging to know what to focus on and where to place our efforts. Yet when that time comes, we will look back and thank ourselves for preparing, rather than living for the present.

How #social is your #business? #divedeepmark…

How #social is your #business?

#divedeepmarketing #logocreation #graphicdesign #socialmediamarketing #entrepreneur #smallbusiness

You are in control of your own #happiness. Don…

You are in control of your own #happiness. Don’t put that in nobody elses hand.

#beunbreakable #wednesdaymotivation #livelifetothefullest #empower



Welcome To Winning Wednesday My Sweet Angels &…

Welcome To Winning Wednesday My Sweet Angels <3 SOUND THE ALARM AND SCREAM IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS! The enemy is losing ground. You know how I know? Things and situations that used to freak you out, now bring you peace…People who used to get under your skin, now don’t even phase you…Things that used to trip you up in your past, now you just float over in your present. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: “The devil IS a defeated foe”. Your passion…Your pressing…Your purpose all have POWER! The greater THEY get, the weaker the devil gets! I know some of you may be tired but hang with me because I have some good news for you: You’re approaching your “anchor leg” in this race and the devil knows it! He knows that once you “hand off” this time it’s a wrap because you’re giving it to the powerhouse on the team–Jesus! The anchor is used to make up any ground you may have lost along the way and bring it on in for the win! SO HAND OFF TO YOUR “ANCHOR” AND LET’S WIN THIS THING! Be Blessed Angels! <3 #ELDS #LTMA #Favor #Increase #KingdomDream

Tifp for cutting off toxic people who made me …

Tifp for cutting off toxic people who made me feel bad about myself. Tomorrow I'm going to hang out with new people who seem very nice and have told me many times already that I am wanted. If anyone is dealing with "friends" who make you feel like shit, learn from my mistakes. I stuck with them for so long because I thought I had no other options, but that's not true. You deserve to be treated right, to be loved and respected.

So glad you have realised your worth, and thank you for passing this message on to all of us – I know I for one needed to hear it x