Tifp because I cut my hair. I struggled with my self image for a long time and my long hair was the only thing I found remotely okay about myself and today I had to confidence to cut it all off and donate it because I'm finally starting to realise that in beautiful even without my hair.

Hell yeah you are! And what a selfless thing to do! WOW! 

Today I felt proud because, after living at my university for 2 weeks, I finally went to town completely alone and managed to do everything I needed to without panicking (too much)

You’re amazing xx

Fall in love with life and all of it’s perimeters. – Did you forget to smile today? #thehappyfacemovement #thfm #happyfacemovement #encourage #uplift #preseverance #keepgoing #motivation #fchw #kthm #health #wealth #wellness #fitness #lifestyle #yoga #chakras #spirutual #kundalini #yahweh #merkaba #lightworker #thepowerofyou #thepowerofnow #universe #energy #positivevibes

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Welcome To Winning Wednesday My Sweet Angels! ❤️ IT’S MOVING DAY!!!: YOU’RE MOVING FROM “BREAKDOWN” TO “BREAKTHROUGH”!!! I don’t know who this is for today but in the natural it looks like you are having a full-blown NERVOUS BREAKDOWN! But let me let you in on a little secret: Now, don’t tell nobody I told you this, but in the spirit, God is getting you ready for your BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH yet! All while you’ve been asking, “God, what have I done to deserve THIS?” thinking that you were being punished for doing something wrong, God has been preparing you for your PROMOTION for doing something right! You see Angels, someone you have no knowledge of right now, has been watching you “go through” and been wondering how you’ve even been able to “get up” every day much less “get through” to the other side but because you have persevered “in spite of”, they now know that they can too! You see, I have learned throughout my life, that a lot of what I have gone through was NOT EVEN ABOUT ME!!!! (Ain’t that a trip?!) God was using ME as an example of hope for someone else! So the next time you want to beat yourself up for something that didn’t go as you planned it, ask yourself some things: How did you handle it? and Could God be using you in the midst of your trial as an example of hope for someone else? Just a little something to think about! Be Blessed Angels!❤️ #ELDS #LTMA #Favor #Increase #KingdomDream

TIFP because I put on makeup and took a selfie in front of other people, and got through working a tough theater show at the same time!

BOOOOOOM!!!!! Look at that confidence!!! 

Today I am proud because my first improv night is tonight. I've never been capable of performing in front of an audience (a couple days before auditions I was visibly shaking from reading aloud in class). Now it's one of my favorite things to do! I've met a bunch great and supportive nerds who have helped me improve so much!

Yayyyy!!!! I hope you had fun xxx

Today I felt proud because I’m seeing a therapist again and I feel like I’m finally making progress toward getting better

Keep at it! You’re doing such an amazing job!

today I felt proud because I went to a concert all by myself for the first time ever!!!!!!

Woah!!! Hope you had a bucket load of fun!

Welcome To Turnaround Tuesday My Sweet Angels! ❤️ WHAT IS SEEN AS INFERIOR TO MAN IS SEEN AS EXTRAORDINARY TO GOD!!! God never created ANYTHING inferior…and that includes YOU! You have to believe/know that God loves you, accepts you, forgives you, has a plan for you, has blessings with your name on them…because HE DOES!!! The enemy will try to keep you bound, people will keep bringing up who you used to be (like they themselves never had a past), guilt and shame will try to keep you from walking into your season and walking into your destiny. BUT NO MATTER WHAT, ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS: Your past is under the blood and the chains are broken–YOU ARE FREE FROM IT ALL!!! SO RISE UP AND BE WHO GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO BE..Somebody better shout with me before I shout you down!!! Be Blessed Angels!❤️ #ELDS #LTMA #Favor #Increase #KingdomDream