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The only thing better than frozen bubbles are …

The only thing better than frozen bubbles are frozen bubbles used as snow globes! Regina, Saskatchewan resident Craig Boehm made use of the brutally cold -40 degree temperatures to go outside and create exquisite soap bubble snow globes:

For even more fun with “Nature’s Snow Globes”, check out this entrancing video created by YouTuber Slim Potatohead.

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Speed riding (also known as ski gliding) is th…

Speed riding (also known as ski gliding) is the awesome winter air sport of flying a small fabric wing in close proximity to a steep slope while on skis or a snowboard so as to be able to periodically touch down and ride the snowy slope itself. Watch as Red Bull Speed Rider Valentin Delluc does these amazing things in the dark of night in French Alps, illuminated only by LEDs in his wing and the light of the full moon.

“When night falls in the mountains, Speed Rider Valentin Delluc wakes up. With 20m of LED lights under his wing, and a full moon to brighten up the Bossons glacier in Chamonix, France, Delluc sets out on an intense and poetic ride down the highline of the glacier.”

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The Department of Awesome Natural Phenomena is…

The Department of Awesome Natural Phenomena is currently rejoicing because frozen bubble has returned. Martin, MI-based photographer Hope Carter uses both store-bought liquid soap and a homemade soap bubble mixture to create beautiful iridescent bubbles that immediately begin to crystalize in the bitter cold temperatures of the Midwest winter.

The colder the weather, the faster the bubbles freeze, and Carter’s main challenge lies in quickly capturing the delicate bubbles before they burst. While most pop within seconds, surprisingly, some sit frozen for minutes at a time—“I think the longest I’ve ever had a bubble remain intact was about seven minutes,” she recalls.

“I wish I knew how many I have blown, 10’s of 1,000’s by now as most pop by the time I am able to focus the camera,” she tells My Modern Met via email. “When I am able to successfully capture the photo of nature’s beauty, it brings nothing but pure joy!”

Visit Hope Carter’s website, Behance portfolio, or Facebook page to check out more of her stunning photos inspired by the beauty of the natural world.


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Today the Department of Awesome Natural Wonder…

Today the Department of Awesome Natural Wonders is 4000 under the sea off the coat of Baja California enjoying the spectacular display of deep sea fireworks that is a Halitrephes maasi jellyfish swimming past the camera aboard the ROV Hercules operated by the E/V Nautilus crew.

We’re starting this year with deep sea fireworks, and a spirit of exploration! When something remarkable floats by in the middle of sampling operations, our team quickly switches gears to marvel and document.

The frilled tentacles of the Halitrephes maasi jelly came into view at 1225m in the Revillagigedo Archipelago off Baja California, Mexico. Radial canals that move nutrients through the jelly’s bell form a starburst pattern that reflects the lights of ROV Hercules with bright splashes of yellow and pink–but without our lights this gelatinous beauty drifts unseen in the dark.

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No need to unpack your bags, the next Geyser o…

No need to unpack your bags, the next Geyser of Awesome Field Trip is already set to go. This time we’re heading to Thailand, specifically to the Samphran district where we’ll find the spectacular Wat Samphran, the Temple of the Rising Dragon. It’s a Buddhist temple in the form of a vivid pink, 80-meter-tall, 17 story tower with a gigantic green and gold scaled dragon coiled around the entire structure. Climbing all the way to the top of the tower is rewarded by the opportunity to stroke the dragon’s beard or touch one of its talons.

“The design of the structure came to the founder of the temple during a 7-day fasting meditation, and is built 80 meters tall to honor the number of years that Buddha lived.”

Watch this video from Great Big Story to get a 360 view of this awesome temple:

Photos by @nicopicz, @somos_aloha_mundo, @mundo_nomada_travel, @seryachkova, and @hydrosapien respectively.

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Throughout the long and festive history of cut…

Throughout the long and festive history of cute, scary, and/or funny photos taken with Santa Claus, no one has ever been as excited to sit on Santa’s lap as Kya the Shiba Inu.

Kya’s favorite toy is a mini Santa (she even has a backup Santa), so last year her humans thought it would be a special Christmas treat to take her to meet a real-life Santa at the mall.

Clearly they made the right decision:


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On Caturday the cats get very long indeed.

On Caturday the cats get very long indeed.

This feat of feline magic is actually the work of two tuxedo cats, Komugi and Pan, who live in Japan with @aims2koz

“…we can see the shorter-tailed Komugi start to creep around behind the television, just as brother Pan starts to come out from the other side. The result is one looooong-looking cat that has the Internet doing double-takes.”

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The Department of Awesome Natural Phenomena lo…

The Department of Awesome Natural Phenomena loves a good lightning show. “Transient,” a breathtaking new slow-motion video montage by Director of Photography Dustin Farrell, shows off one of nature’s most dazzling and impressive spectacles in a way that makes it feel like we’ve never truly seen lightning before now.

Throughout 2017, Farrell spent over 30 days driving 20,000 miles across the country chasing down weather systems capable of producing lightning. But capturing lightning is actually a little easier for Farrell than finding bad weather, as the Phantom Flex 4K camera that Farrell uses to record each bolt at 1,000 frames per second perpetually records what it sees. So as soon as lightning flashes across the sky, Farrell simply has to hit record and the slo-mo footage of the bolt is automatically saved to the camera’s memory.

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Today we learned that shooting slo-mo video fr…

Today we learned that shooting slo-mo video from train traveling at speed in the opposite direction from a flock of birds in flight results in awesome footage that makes it appear as though the birds are frozen in time. 

Redditor davihey captured this surreal footage using an iPhone 8 while riding a train from Orlando to Miami:

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Today the Department of Marvelous Makeup is pr…


Today the Department of Marvelous Makeup is proud to welcome its newest member: Alexis Stone, aka British drag queen and makeup artist Elliot Joseph Rentz. Stone is so skilled with makeup that he can transform himself into virtually any celebrity imaginable.

In addition to sharing photos of his fabulously made-up face, Stone also shares time-lapse process videos like this one, so we can watch his transformations take place right before our eyes:

Follow Alexis Stone on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube to check out more of his astonishing cosmetic metamorphoses.

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