Category: TIFP

TIFP because i survived the week and scheduled my first counseling appointment for monday! I'm gonna keep living

I’m excited for you to keep on living!!! 


Today I felt proud because I finally told my psychologist about my anxiety symptoms. Nothing came of it because my mom tried to downplay the issue, but I think I took a small step in the right direction.

It’s a start and that’s MASSIVE!!!!!!!!!

Today I felt proud because I finished my essay 3 days before it’s due and didn’t wait until the last minute.


Today I felt proud because I ate a toast with jam… It may not seem a lot but I'm trying to recover from an eating disorder so it's a huge deal for me

Everything here deserves to be celebrated xx

today i felt proud because i made my best friend smile when they were feeling sad!

Isn’t that the best feeling?! 

Tifp because I cut my hair. I struggled with my self image for a long time and my long hair was the only thing I found remotely okay about myself and today I had to confidence to cut it all off and donate it because I'm finally starting to realise that in beautiful even without my hair.

Hell yeah you are! And what a selfless thing to do! WOW! 

Today I felt proud because, after living at my university for 2 weeks, I finally went to town completely alone and managed to do everything I needed to without panicking (too much)

You’re amazing xx

TIFP because I put on makeup and took a selfie in front of other people, and got through working a tough theater show at the same time!

BOOOOOOM!!!!! Look at that confidence!!! 

Today I am proud because my first improv night is tonight. I've never been capable of performing in front of an audience (a couple days before auditions I was visibly shaking from reading aloud in class). Now it's one of my favorite things to do! I've met a bunch great and supportive nerds who have helped me improve so much!

Yayyyy!!!! I hope you had fun xxx

Today I felt proud because I’m seeing a therapist again and I feel like I’m finally making progress toward getting better

Keep at it! You’re doing such an amazing job!