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I am alive.


TIFP because I am alive today


tifp bc my hard work is finally paying off! i have severe depression (i’m not on medication yet) so i’ve been trying to be kinder to myself and i finally feel like i don’t wanna die all the time! i actually enjoy mornings now! i don’t talk negatively about myself all the time anymore! i actually have self esteem and confidence! heck yeah!!!


Today I felt proud because my best friend, who had been depressed and suicidal for years, is finally getting better and told me he wouldn't have managed to go to therapy, take his meds and recover without me. I don't believe he couldn't have done it without me. He's stronger than he thinks and I was merely supporting him. But I'm so proud of him and I love him so much and I'm so happy my love and support helped him through his darkest times.

Ahhhh friendship is such a goddamn beautiful thing!!!

Today i woke up before my alarm and sat in my living room and listened to music. Not the sad kind. I sang along. I made coffee and cinnamon rolls. The smell of my lotus incense fills my nose. I do not think of how the fire would feel on my skin or how i would rather be dead.

I did not think i would make it past 16. I was (poorly) dealing with the aftermath of years of abuse and did not even plan to make it to junior year.

Guess what? I turn 17 next month. I did it. I am safe. Things are good. I am planning on how to take care of myself. Im going to start journaling. Im working through the trauma in therapy. I have never been this… Good.


Today I felt proud because it's been ten years since the first time I tried to kill myself and despite all the times I've struggled with suicidal thoughts, I'm still here, I'm still alive, and I'm still fighting.

And eat tuna


I tried to kill myself a while ago, but now I watch big cat videos when I start hurting in some way

Shake off the hurt


(Tw: suicide) Today I felt proud because I had a really intense suicidal episode but I didn't kill myself and I managed to talk about it with my brother.

I really want to give you a big hug. You’re doing such an amazing job and I’m so glad your brother was there to listen. 

Keep fighting xx 


Today I felt proud because I was actually alive when I woke up this morning. I have fought through days of very very intense suicidal thoughts.

We are all so so freaking proud of you… like, WOW!!!!!!!!