Category: self care

I'm proud today because I got up early and made breakfast! It gave me time to get some of my late school work done!

Woooohoooo! Go youuuuu!

today i felt proud because i finished working on the first 17 pages of my book of shadows!


Today I feel proud because my digital art got printed and put in a local exhibition a couple days ago, and now I'm getting commissions!

Ahhh yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayyyyyyy

Today I feel very proud, because I started NaNoWriMo with a goal of writing 50k words, but ended the month with over 120k today. The last year was the living hell for me, and getting something like this done in less them 30 days makes me feel accomplished and incredibly happy.


Today i felt proud becouse I got out of bed and did well on a exam tody without feeling anxious


Today I felt proud because I went on a date and didnt make a nervous wreck of myself!

Awwww cuteee!!!! I’m so happy for you!

Today I felt proud because I have finally finished my Bachelor’s degree!! I’m going to be a paramedic!


Today I felt proud because I did a quick cleaning of ny closet and got rid of a lot of shirts that I don't use anymore.

Yes we love a cleanse!!


Today I felt proud because I got three job offers in the past two days and I accepted two of them.

Wow!!! Look at you go!!!!


Today I felt proud for going back on my meds and recognizing that I still need them, and that that’s okay.