Category: pride

Today I felt proud for going back on my meds and recognizing that I still need them, and that that’s okay.


today i feel proud because i asked for help on my school assignment and made some good progress.


You knoww every one has been saying what they're proud of but I want to know what you are proud of and also check if you're doing good. Are you doing good? Have you eaten enough today? Have you drunk enough water? Are you feeling good?? 💖

Thanks for asking, I’m getting there! Life is a rollercoaster.

I’m so proud of creating this lil community and hearing all your stories 💗💗💗

I felt proud because I was able to see the good in life.

It’s there.


Tifp because I ate enough food after barely eating for a few days.

Gooood!!! Your body will thank you!

Today I felt proud, because I told my professor the real reason, why I didn't hand in the assignment. I had test anxiety and usually I feel ashamed to admit that.

That is really brave of you! Well done!


tifp because i wrote my last exam and i'm expecting good results despite a mentally tough exam. I'm done with school now. Dobby is free. Dobby made it. Dobby feels hella proud


Today I felt proud because I got up and ate something! I've also been slowly getting out of my funk and I drew something today!!!

Yay!!! Drawing is the best!!!


Today I felt proud because I finished a paper and was really proud of it. It’s hard to have pride in my work since I have such high expectations, so it’s nice.


Today I felt proud for balancing my energy appropriately between tasks and picking my pieces up off the ground where I had shattered the night before. ♡