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Not all of us enjoy mornings. At times, they can feel like a rude awakening to a restless night. Yet when we come to appreciate and look forward to mornings, there truly is little better than enjoying a slow morning, preparing for the day ahead. Let us find our routine and make the most of it as we will come to appreciate them more as we do.

Whatever you do. Don’t let any one take your smile from you. Put it on, dress it up, wear it like its brand new. But don’t ever let anyone take your smile from you. -Unbreakable
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You eat the best food and wear the finest clothes, but you let your flocks starve. You haven’t taken care of the weak nor tended the sick nor bounded up the broken bones nor gone looking for those who have wandered away and lost. Ezekiel 34:3-4

Why I was taken into the book of Ezekiel for my prayer and study this #morning simply amazes me but I’m obedient and I gotta share this even if it steps on toes. I know in #scripture where if 1 of 100 sheep went missing the shepherd left those 99 to go find that one sheep that had gotten lost. We live in a #time where the buildings (churches) are full of empty #souls every Sunday that come and give their percentages seeking refuge, help, encouragement and love and leave every #Sunday wounded and #hurt more than they were before they came and some never come back. The shepherds is not feeding their sheep souls properly because it’s a revolving door, they go in the same and come out the same and yet our #leaders say it’s not their fault. Yet, their pockets are full and counting people like they are cattle to brag on how many people showed up to their church today. My question is, how many people #lives did you save and #change and have you looked over your flock to see who’s missing so you can go find them and bring them out of that dark place they have wandered off to? You have fed yourself but have left them to starve but my Lord God says in Ezekiel 34:11 that I will search and find my sheep. I will be like a shepherd looking for his flock and I will find them and rescue them from all the places they were scattered in that dark and cloudy day; So my #encouragement for those of you, who still feel lost, though you go to the church every Sunday. Don’t #worry keep seeking God and he will find you. Where mankind won’t look, God will. Be Uplifted. Be Inspired. Be Unbreakable.


There is always time for a break. Get away from the insanity and mess that life can be and simply take it slow. It’s important to set this time aside for ourselves and ensure that we are giving ourselves the space we need to truly be free.


When our future and plans feel so far away, it can be frustrating and difficult to wait and practice patience for all that is to come. Yet, it is necessary and critical that we do take this time to prepare and ready ourselves for what may seem far out. Truly in doing so, we will be able to face all that comes our way with confidence rather than shy away.


Even when our mind is moving at a fast pace and we cannot seem to keep our focus, let us remember to take life at a slower speed and focus on that which is more important and may not occur overnight. As we do, surely we will find ourselves in a much better place.


Even when it feels difficult to await the day of brilliance and light that is coming, we must keep in mind that it will not be long and it certainly will all be worth the wait. This will help us get through even the most difficult times as we focus on all the good that is ahead.


Our anxiety can get the best of us. It can wrap us and tangle is in a way that is unhealthy and unmanageable. When this happens, it can feel as though our life is falling apart and bursting at the seams. Yet let us remember that there is hope for us and all will work out. We must simply trust that He will provide and hears our needs.


When the time has come to return from our voyage, let us work to ease into our normal routines and continue where we left off. It can be a challenge as we settle back down. However let us work to ease our minds back into this state and go back to our roots.


When the time has come for us to leave to our next adventure, let us mentally prepare ourselves for all that is to come. It will be truly life changing and we must ensure that we are ready to make the most of every second.