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There is little in our lives that can compare to a surprise. The exhilaration and energy that we get all in a short span can be both overwhelming and joyful. While surprises aren’t always appreciated, it’s the ones done out of care, love, and good gesture that truly help us appreciate it more.


It’s important to listen to those that we love and care about in our lives. Truly, when we pay attention to the details of the individuals that also care about us, we will come to realize that all that is said is to better us and our future. We should always be sure to listen and consider everything that has been said to us.


When we reach the end of a project that has taken us longer than we desire to complete, there is little like the feeling that comes with completion. Let us always work to finish what we begin and dedicate ourselves to the end, no matter what might come our way.


As seasons change and our priorities begin to shift, it can become more and more difficult to keep our habits. However when we find ourselves falling out and slipping, let us remind ourselves why we practice them. In doing so, this oftentimes will kickstart our love and give us the desire we need to push forward again.


As we work toward our goals in life and make strives to get to our destination, there will be hardships along the way. Truly, we will find ourselves in situations in which we may long for the life we had, admdst our unhappiness with it. Yet even when it is daunting, we must push forward with our goals as truly it will pay off in the long run.


Even on our worst days, we must remember that better days will soon come. It can be difficult to keep this in mind when everything is simply falling apart. Yet when we look ahead to all the great potential that is in front of us, we can accomplish more than we ever imagined.


It’s important to encourage others in their dreams and aspirations. Especially when they have a gift, it’s easy for all of us to downplay or discourage our own abilities. In pushing and encouraging those we love in their dreams, truly we can be the catalyst to making the world a better place.


It can be frightening to finalize an important or large event. Whatever it might be, the decision that comes with it can be extremely difficult. Yet we must learn to take our time as not to rush the process. As we do, surely we will learn the art of balancing without stressing.


It’s important for us to take a step back and realize that too much of anything can cause us to dig ourselves too deep in a hole that we end up failing at the task or goal we set out to complete. These times away from our work genuinely uplift and inspire us as we move forward in life.


Let us always work to move forward in life and everything that we do. Whether it’s an area we’re passionate in or not, if we become stuck or caught up in a small aspect of the task, it can completely throw us off base and tear us away from our goals. We must always look toward the future with wide eyes and work to get past them in any way possible.