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Our minds have much to process. Whether in our day to day or in another world we appear to be living in, change is never easy and it can take a toll on our mental health. We can emerge stronger through all of this, however. It simply takes courage and willpower to push forward despite all the hurdles that might be thrown against us. We must give ourselves space and time to recoup as we process everything that we experience day to day.


When the necessities that we know in life are taken away, all we have left is our space, our memories, God, and our friends and family. It’s not normal to live in isolation. It’s not comfortable. However when we are forced to do so, it allows us to appreciate that which we have so much more. Let us look to appreciate all that is around us and try not to dwell on aspects we cannot control.


No matter what your biggest dreams and aspirations are, chase them. Run after them with all your energy and stamina. It’s certainly not always easy to keep up on our mission, especially when the future is unclear. Amidst this, we should do whatever it takes to accomplish our largest goals in life and see them to completion.


It’s okay to be worried about things in life. Even simple things can appear daunting if presented in a way that is beyond our comprehension or comfort zone. However it’s important to remember that we are not alone in these times and there truly is a way to work through even the most difficult situations. Let us refrain from too much worry and press forward with our heads high even when it feels impossible.


It’s easy to lose our habits when life becomes busy. When our schedule begins to shift and it slowly begins to feel more difficult to keep up with all that we had dedicated ourselves to before. Yet with the things that are most important to us, let us never forget to give these up. It is critical that we hold to our values and never let loose of that which will carry us through to where we want to be in life.


When those we love or those around us are feeling down or sorrowful, it’s important that we always work to encourage them in any way possible. It’s not always easy to keep our head high and looking forward. As such, let us work to help others in their mindset whenever possible.


It’s so important to meet new people. Even if only to keep working on our social circle. In this, let us always keep ourselves open with others and work to grow our friendship group in any way possible.


We too easily get lost in our own thoughts and distractions that we forget to listen to those around us. This can truly become one of the largest points of argument and fighting between individuals. We must learn to listen actively and remember that which was said. As we work to get better at this, truly we will grow further in our relationships.


There is no feeling quite like love. It captivates us in a way we cannot always comprehend and takes over our being in the best way. Love can push us out of our comfort zone when we need it and help shape us into becoming a better person. Let us seek to love those around us and form tight relationships that foster our faith and love of the Lord.


There is little in our lives that can compare to a surprise. The exhilaration and energy that we get all in a short span can be both overwhelming and joyful. While surprises aren’t always appreciated, it’s the ones done out of care, love, and good gesture that truly help us appreciate it more.