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Music can change our lives in unbelievable ways. The simple chorus of a song or melody of a verse can change our mindset and brighten our mood instantly. Sounds play such a critical part in our lives, it’s important to be careful what we listen to. For if we chose wisely, we will see our mood lighten and our days improve.



Comfort and relaxation is crucial to a healthy life. If we constantly push ourselves yet never take time to simply contemplate and reflect, burn out will occur. We must remember to take comfort in our lives and relax without thinking about what may occur tomorrow.



We likely all have multiple desires that all are separate and diverse from one another. This can make it difficult when we find a career and struggle to stay focused and engaged in a specific field. Rather, we would prefer to jump around and practice each of our interests on a regular basis. However this makes it difficult to achieve perfection. We must learn to decide what is most important in our lives and dedicate ourselves to whatever tops first.



Worry and concern can easily get the best of us. We focus on our issues and find that it becomes the only thing we can think about – we hone in on the negative. As we become aware of this, let us work to clear our minds of these concerns and fears and work to focus our efforts on a positive future.



Gathering together, as a community, around a table is important. It allows us to connect in a deeper way then we could in any other fashion. Let us take advantage of this beautiful form of connection and grow closer to those we care about.

Thinking about #life and then my #dog Dixie co…

Thinking about #life and then my #dog Dixie comes out of nowhere knowing she can’t go outside right now. She getting grown. Ha! Be #safe out there guys.

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Think carefully and wisely. Make better decisions as we contemplate our actions. It’s easy to act on a dime, submitting to our last minute thoughts. Yet if we’re purposeful with our actions, we will find significant improvements in our productivity.



Missed opportunities feel frustrating. It can feel overwhelmingly burdening at times and can leave us feeling distraught. However if we aim to keep our head high and always look toward something new, truly amazing changes will occur.



To find someone that we admire and genuinely look up to us special. There are few that can change our lives and influence quite like the role models we hold. As we keep this in mind, let us remember to keep true to ourselves and work to create work we are proud of, using those we admire as a guide.



Communication is critical to a healthy and prosperous life. Without this open discussion, we can find ourselves lost and without a plan as to where we should go next. Rather than merely guess or wander without direction, let us communicate and collaborate with others to help us find our path.