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Welcome back to Surreal Sunday where the Department of Awesome Camouflage is enjoying these clever collaborations by knitter Nina Dodd, aka The Duke of Woollington, and photographer Joseph Ford

Entitled Knitted Camouflage, this series feature models wearing Dodd’s custom hand-knit sweaters that make their torsos (and sometimes entire bodies) perfectly blend into their surroundings where they’re photographed by Ford. They even created a custom doggo sweater and collaborated with French street artist Monsieur Chat, who created on of his trademark cat murals as the background for a photo.


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The Department of Top-Notch Textile Art can’t get enough of knitted food sculptures lately. It might have something to do with their New Year’s resolutions. Today they’re wishing they had some knitted cheese and crocheted crackers to go with these 100% wool sausages knitted by French textile charcuterie Maison Cisson.


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Today the Department of Top-Notch Textile Art is salivating over these lavish meals and beautiful desserts handmade by Trevor Smith Crochet in Portland, Victoria, Australia.


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Little did you know that one all-purpose winter garment that’s been missing from your wardrobe is this designer woolen tube scarf that makes it look as though you’re wearing a giant sock. Handmade by Bulgarian designer Milena Bunalova of Dukyana, it might look a little restrictive, but at least your hands won’t get chilly.


Visit the Dukyana website or Etsy shop to check out more of Bunalova’s cozy knitwear.

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Kooky but practical.

From 1965.

We know for a fact that there are countless creative knitters and crocheters out there doing awesome things. So why these woolly snoot warmers, so kooky yet practical, aren’t available in all the Etsy shops, in myriad colors and patterns, is a complete and utter mystery.

Surprise your favorite Crazy Cat Lady (or your cat) with an awesome custom cat cushion that looks just like their (or your) own kitty cat. They’re made by Sheffield, England-based textile artist Kandy Diamond of Knit and Destroy and you can order them here.


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