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When the time has come for us to leave to our next adventure, let us mentally prepare ourselves for all that is to come. It will be truly life changing and we must ensure that we are ready to make the most of every second.



When we have reached our final straw and cannot imagine continuing on, let us give up our position and trust that He will guide us the rest of the way. We weren’t made to struggle and attempt to live life on our own. Therefore, we must set out to pass along our position when we cannot live another day as we are.

Today I felt proud because I completely unders…

Today I felt proud because I completely understand my advanced vectors independent study course and I got a 98% on my last test! My exam is tomorrow so here’s hoping my good test results carry through

Good luck!!! You’ve got this xx

Today I felt proud because I made an appointme…

Today I felt proud because I made an appointment with he dentist after along time of putting it off



TIFP because after years of struggling with re…

TIFP because after years of struggling with recognizing faces it didnt even take me a minute to notice who my friend was in a group picture

HELLLLLLLL yeahhhhhhhhhhhh



When our life seems to be more than we can ha for and overbearingly stressful, it’s important for us to find time to escape and get away from it all. In doing so, not only will we place our focus back on what is most important, but it will free our minds to concentrate on that which is most important in our lives.

I'm deaf. I'm learning to speak Span…

I'm deaf. I'm learning to speak Spanish by having the syllables spelled out to me (me gusta= meh goo-sta) and I feel proud any time my speech to text is able to transcribe what I say (so I know I'm saying it right)

Ahhhhh you champion you!!!!!!

Today I am proud of admitting that my anxiety …

Today I am proud of admitting that my anxiety is real, that it is a part of me and that it is something am now ready to fight. I am proud for realizing my worth and that my worth is decided by me and me only and not by my achievements. Thank you for your great page. x




Let us encourage those who need it most. When we are in a vulnerable position, it can feel as though the world is closing in on us and trapping us beneath its weight. While there is always hope, it’s extremely difficult to see it from the outside. As such, let us encourage those who might be struggling as it is important to always look out for them and care for those that we love.



Conversation is a critical aspect to our mental and emotional health as we build relationships and maintain them. As we open up to others, let us remember how important it is to relate and be vulnerable as to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and truly live.