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You know, I can understand that we as humans c…

You know, I can understand that we as humans chase money, love, the need to belong, worldly power and I’m sure much more. Take a step back and look at all your hidden blessings. Please just take a moment and walk down this road with me. We’re blessed with grace, #kindness, patience, glory, wisdom and the power to be who we want to be when we follow his will. What God gives you, no man can take from you. True #happiness is only an acceptance away, its not in that man or woman you think you need to have it. The moment you take a stand and realize I can stand in all these gifts now if only I truly believe I have them. Is the #moment your life becomes priceless. Don’t keep walking into church doors without walking away with knowing you are the gift. You are the church. You are the temple. Change within you happens on purpose. Be willing to make the change. Be uplifted. Be inspired. Be Unbreakable.
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God has genuinely blessed each of us. We have been given so much and yet often take these for granted. Truly, we must step back and realize all that we have. For when we become caught up in all that we don’t have, we miss the beautiful intricacies and blessings in all that we do have.

Anxious hearts are very heavy but a word of en…

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Anxious hearts are very heavy but a word of encouragement does wonders. Proverbs 12:25
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We all need a bit of encouragement from time to time. We can easily become distracted or disheartened when life doesn’t work as we had planned and begin to lose hope. As such, even when we aren’t feeling our best, let us encourage those around us, for not only will we help spread necessary uplifting spirits, but will surely help our own mindset as well.



Our minds often wonder and wander to distant places. We get carried away dreaming about what could be and drift way from what we have now. There is so much to explore and in reality, very little time to do so. Rather than become caught up in what seems impossible, however, let us work to do what we can in order to achieve our aspirations in life.



Time is never stopping. Time is precious, as it’s one of the few valuables we can never get back. This can be frustrating for when we step back and look at our priorities, we oftentimes realize that they are not aligned with where we most desire to spend our time. However rather than focus on what we wish we were doing, let us focus our efforts on getting to where we desire to be most.



Few things in life can teach us more about the world and the lives of those around us than travel. To see the way in which others spend their time and inreract with the environment is genuinely eye opening. Let us find time to travel more and truly learn as much as we can about our world.



When we begin something new, it can be difficult to determine at what point our efforts will begin to come crashing down. Truly, it can be a challenge to sustain the work needed to finish our projects. Yet rather than risk burning out, let us stop and evaluate our situation and work to complete our work in such a way that is sustainable.



When life feels shaky and things simply aren’t going the way we had intended, it can be difficult to trust that all will work out in the end. Yet God has so much in store for us and truly will direct us. As such, let us have faith and trust that everything will by okay and leave all worry behind.



When it’s our time to leave, it can be difficult to let go. Truly when we have spent so much time and effort at a workplace, a group, in a relationship, or on a project, when the time as come to say goodbye, all sorts of emotions begin to settle in. Rather than focus on our sorrow however, let us instead focus on what is next and work to prepare ourselves for a great future ahead.