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Honesty is key when it comes to establishing and maintaining relationships. If we continue to fool ourselves into thinking that lies are better than hard truths, we will never see our true purpose achieved. Let us continue to work toward honesty in every interaction as we live our lives.



We often attempt to calculate worth as to determine if something is worth our money, effort, or time. There are a large variety of factors that oftentimes influence these decisions, but it isn’t always easy to accurately calculate. When these calculations hold up our ability to make a decision, it may be best to simply move on. Let us not focus so heavily on the worth, but work to balance our decision making.



When things seem to be slowly falling apart, it may be time to consider changing. No matter what aspect of life appears to be shifting away, it’s always worth taking time to contemplate on the next best move to support our dreams.



Unexpected events are inevitable. Life will always throw a surprise our way. Yet, it’s how we handle these unexpected events that determine our success with the outcome. While we cannot always prepare, let us work to learn our weaknesses and practice on them as to allow us to be armed for the next occurrence.

Today I felt proud because I slept in my bed i…

Today I felt proud because I slept in my bed instead of my couch where I felt more comfortable mentally

Ayy that’s awesome!




Our anxiety can ramp up quickly, causing us to stress about oftentimes trivial matters. As a result, we lose focus and have a difficult time getting back on course. While we don’t always have the solution, let us always work to combat our anxiety and relieve our minds of stress.

Today I feel proud because I finished high sch…

Today I feel proud because I finished high school and my Gcse exams. When I started high school I never thought I’d be able to survive or make it this far but here I am!


Tifp because I finally got medicine that shoul…

Tifp because I finally got medicine that should help with my eating problem and I will hopefully get better in a few months!!!

We are all hoping with you!! xxxxxx

Today I felt proud because I found out my tota…

Today I felt proud because I found out my total GPA is 3.608 even after I struggled all semester! (I passed Comp with a 79.5 and they rounded it up to an 80 so I got a B! XD)

A mighty fine result! 

Get your #beunbreakable wristband. Not today, …

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