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Let us work to get over the anger than can come from disappointment. We will always run into instances in which life events do not turn out as planned. In these cases, let us work to rise above all of it and commit to pushing forward toward our goals. As we do, truly we will see growth in our lives.



When we’re feeling down or ashamed and life seems to continue throw us curveballs, let us use this opportunity to cheer ourselves up. Go out of our way to find something that we always appreciate and enjoy and pleasure in it. While it won’t push away the inevitability of hurt, it will allow us to renew ourselves to continue through these trials.



When we connect with those that we are close to and love and we are back in a healthy state and mindset, truly we can feel renewed and better in an improved state. Indeed, little can compare to the feeling of healing. As such, let us open up and release our insecurities as we look toward a better future.



We can all fall into a state of depression at some point in our lives. It’s frustrating and infuriating however it can come out of nowhere, hitting us in our most vulnerable moments. Truly, when we find ourselves in this state, let us not give up hope but rather work to understand what is bothering us and treat ourselves to something that will help.



We often forget for smile. To express joy and happiness in a world that can seem more and more sad each day. Even when we are down, let us seek out small bits of joy in our day to day and appreciate what we have.

Today I felt proud because I finished all my h…

Today I felt proud because I finished all my homework in my own time until waiting until last minute, not finishing it, or waiting until my parents got on my back about it.

GO YOU!!! Congrats that’s awesome!! 


I FINISHED EDITING THE VIDEOS! And they're already scheduled to be uploaded! Now I can do homework in peace for the next month 😊

Ugh what a relief!!! 




We all have roots. Whether we feel connected to them or not, they exist and are present. It’s important to remember this as we move forward in life as it can give some clarity and answers to things that might not always make sense.

Today I felt proud because I killed a very big…

Today I felt proud because I killed a very big spider in my room, even though I'm very scared of spiders. It was even moving when I went near it!


Today I felt proud because I ordered something…

Today I felt proud because I ordered something at a restaurant without having anyone speak for me!! I also cracked jokes with the waiter!!