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Distractions are everywhere. With every turn and new opportunity comes different struggles and attempts to grab our attention. We must work to tune our focus onto what is most important as to ensure we accomplish all our goals in life.



Even when we stumble, we can always get back up. There will be times in which we trip and feel as though we are forever stuck and unable to get back up. However we must continue to remind ourselves that we have a bright future ahead. Surely we can accomplish incredible things, it simply takes willpower and might to recover from the unexpected.



Our memory allows us to bring back special times in our past. When our present becomes difficult or tough, we can bring our minds back to the days in which we were overjoyed and keep looking forward to the future. Our memory is an important catalyst in our lives. Let us remember this and take advantage of it.



Without the truth, we truly wouldn’t be where we are today. Lies only carry us deeper into emotional debt and never resolve the issues at hand. In fact, I’m not telling the truth, we risk relationships and deep connections that could carry us through our darkest times. Even when it’s difficult, let us remember that the truth is always better for ourselves, those around us, and the world at large.



We we look to the future, we should always be remembering the past. It’s critical to remember what has occurred previously and learn from this instances. As we do, we should take these as lessons going forward. This surely will ensure a better present and future in our lives.



Finish what we started. It’s imperative to our successs. If we start a project but never see it through, the work was nearly worthless. It’s important that we do whatever it takes to follow through on our actions as to always complete that which we begin.



When we find ourselves at the end of the road and have nowhere else to turn, the feeling of being worn and beaten is truly difficult to bear. When we have responsibilities to uphold, but feel at our whit’s end, surely it can put us in a difficult space. Yet in these times, we must remember to take a step back and rest. Surely our energy will be replenished and we will feel whole once again.



When we come down to the final days, priorities are critical. It’s so important to remember what is the most important as to focus on those first. As we do, surely we will accomplish all we set out to in the end.

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When it’s time to break the hard news, it can place immense pressure on us. We can lose concentration and sleep as our mind races. In these instances, it’s important to remember that no matter what, things will work out. There is a bright future ahead and the decision we are making is part of that. It’s not easy in the moment, but we will be happy when it’s said and done.