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I just want to be around someone who is just as excited about me, as I am about them. Effort matches effort.

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So, I prayed about this verse before I shared it with you. Pay attention to what it says, particularly this: “And we are sure of this, that he will listen to us whenever we ask him for anything in line with his will.” Wow, “in line with HIS WILL”. Do you know the many things we ask #God for and many times it is not given because it is not in his will. We want toxic #relationships to be fixed, money being asked for wrong things, dead #friendships, bad jobs, etc. I can go on…There were times I cried out to God to fix relationships that I’m so glad he didn’t fix. As much as it #hurt at the time, it needed to be let go. We try to hold on to things that hinder us in ways that we become dead to. Killing us #spiritually but we are so afraid to let go of what we become familiar with. Our #purpose, our #dreams, our #goals get silently pushed to the side til one day we look back with regrets. People always say to me, they don’t know how I did it. How I got past so many life #struggles and all I’m gonna say, as I always do. It was GOD! There were moments of darkness, feelings of defeat, #doubt, self esteem issues but I’m so glad that I knew a God who makes a way out of no way. Who sat by my side and whispered #HOPE in my ears and made me get up every day until one day the #pain of yesterday was gone. Preparing me and pushing me towards my purpose. Making me wiser, #stronger and #motivated. I will do for others what God has done for me every day that I’m given #life to breathe. Any time that I can be a #light for another. I will do that because God has always been a light for me. So, as hard as your #challenge or your pain may feel right now. Push through it because there are better days ahead. Be uplifted. Be inspired. #beunbreakable #faith #prayer #believe #scripture #biblestudy

So true. Learn each other, live and have fun. No rushing needed. Let God have his way and let it blossom.

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TIFP because I made the decision to separate from my two "best" friends. After almost an entire year of not being included, underestimated and always waking up wondering if they'll respect me that day, I have the courage to begin pursuing other friends. I will still be friendly with my old friends, but I realize that true friendships should not make you constantly worry and feel worthless. I'm a bit scared and really lonely, but I'm proud I'm finally moving on.