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Even in the slow moments, let us remember to talk things through with those we love and care about. It’s not always easy to remember to make this a priority. As such, we must learn to discuss and be open about how we feel and how we are doing. We will begin to see a substantial increase in our happiness as we maintain this.


When we come together with good friends and cannot help but share stories and laughter, our lives can open up in ways we never imagined. Let us truly open up during these times and let us express how we truly feel.


It’s important to have fun and spice up our lives. Even on our worst days when nothing feels like it’s going as we planned, we should make a point to go out and enjoy ourselves as we never know the next time we might get the opportunity.


When it’s been an extended time talking to those we care for and love, let us work to reconnect and catch up. It’s critical that we don’t let our relationships go, especially when we had tight bonds. As such, let us be open and available to give our time to reaching back out.


Let us care for those we love and are close to. Indeed, when those we adore are having a difficult time or a less than decent day, let us always work to care for them and show them love for truly, it can mean more than we even know.

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The #moment you stop walking around blaming everybody else for your hurt, is the moment your #healing begins.
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Today i felt proud because i could open up to my best friend about my insecurity problem and she helped me a lot, i’m very grateful for having her by my side through all of this

What are friends for?!



We aren’t perfect. We make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes hurt others. It can be heartbreaking and truly lead to discomfort and regret. Yet if we take the time to apologize and realize that our actions have a strong impact on those around us, surely we can work to improve for times to come.

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