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Welcome To Thriving Thursday My Sweet Angels ❤️ WHY AM I STILL STUCK??? Have you ever said to yourself, “Lord, I’m ‘walking’ but I haven’t gotten anywhere yet?” What’s going on? I pray…I fast…I read the word…I quote the scriptures but I still haven’t moved from here! So what could possibly be holding you back? MEDITATE ON THIS: You cannot soar with your “first-class anointing” when you are holding on to your “coach mentality”…You are who GOD says you are not who man says you are! So erase those tape recorded messages that keep playing over and over in your mind reminding you of your past failures…your past mistakes…your past hurts. Wipe the slate clean and give yourself permission to start anew! “The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.”~Lamentations 3:22-23 (NLT) Be Blessed Angels!♥ #ELDS #LTMA #Favor #Increase #KingdomDream

Welcome To Winning Wednesday My Sweet Angels! ❤️ IT’S MOVING DAY!!!: YOU’RE MOVING FROM “BREAKDOWN” TO “BREAKTHROUGH”!!! I don’t know who this is for today but in the natural it looks like you are having a full-blown NERVOUS BREAKDOWN! But let me let you in on a little secret: Now, don’t tell nobody I told you this, but in the spirit, God is getting you ready for your BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH yet! All while you’ve been asking, “God, what have I done to deserve THIS?” thinking that you were being punished for doing something wrong, God has been preparing you for your PROMOTION for doing something right! You see Angels, someone you have no knowledge of right now, has been watching you “go through” and been wondering how you’ve even been able to “get up” every day much less “get through” to the other side but because you have persevered “in spite of”, they now know that they can too! You see, I have learned throughout my life, that a lot of what I have gone through was NOT EVEN ABOUT ME!!!! (Ain’t that a trip?!) God was using ME as an example of hope for someone else! So the next time you want to beat yourself up for something that didn’t go as you planned it, ask yourself some things: How did you handle it? and Could God be using you in the midst of your trial as an example of hope for someone else? Just a little something to think about! Be Blessed Angels!❤️ #ELDS #LTMA #Favor #Increase #KingdomDream

Welcome To Turnaround Tuesday My Sweet Angels! ❤️ WHAT IS SEEN AS INFERIOR TO MAN IS SEEN AS EXTRAORDINARY TO GOD!!! God never created ANYTHING inferior…and that includes YOU! You have to believe/know that God loves you, accepts you, forgives you, has a plan for you, has blessings with your name on them…because HE DOES!!! The enemy will try to keep you bound, people will keep bringing up who you used to be (like they themselves never had a past), guilt and shame will try to keep you from walking into your season and walking into your destiny. BUT NO MATTER WHAT, ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS: Your past is under the blood and the chains are broken–YOU ARE FREE FROM IT ALL!!! SO RISE UP AND BE WHO GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO BE..Somebody better shout with me before I shout you down!!! Be Blessed Angels!❤️ #ELDS #LTMA #Favor #Increase #KingdomDream

Welcome To Mountain-Moving Monday My Sweet Angels! ❤️YOU’RE IN YOUR “SPIN CYCLE”!!! Start praising God RIGHT NOW–yes, RIGHT NOW because He is getting ready to “spin” you out of the mess that you’ve been going through…I see IMMEDIATE turnarounds in the Spirit. Don’t worry about who has been talking about you, how long the situation has been going on or what has been done to you, even the devil has to do God’s business, your enemies, that illness, that situation that seems to be getting bigger instead of smaller are all being used in order for God to get the Glory when He finally snatches you out (ALL THINGS work together for your good!) and prepares the table before you in a high place. NO ONE will be able to deny that GOD DID IT!!! He shall make you above and not beneath. You are somebody in Christ, get to thanking Him now. Faith is NOW!! Be Blessed Angels!❤️ #ELDS #LTMA #Favor #Increase #KingdomDream

Welcome To Spirit-Filled Sunday My Sweet Angels! ❤️ ARE YOU BEING OVERLOOKED OR ARE YOU NOT LOOKING IN THE RIGHT PLACE??? Why am I always overlooked? Why can’t they see all of the effort I have put in? I do everything they ask me to do (and then some) but still no recognition!…What am I doing wrong? I can’t tell you how many years I asked myself those very questions with seemingly no answers then one day I decided to get real with myself and take it to God! I knew that if I was going to do that, then I had to deal with the truth!—THE REAL TRUTH! Not the one I had created to make myself feel better. And these were the responses I received: My child, why have I been overlooked in YOUR life? Do you really understand the price I paid for you? Why are YOU overlooking the gifts I have placed inside of you? Why haven’t you been recognizing ME ? I wake you up!…I heal your sicknesses!…I provide your every need!…I hear your prayers!…I dry your tears but still no recognition!!! That hurts because it’s easy for us to blame others for why we are not where we know we should be in life. But when we have to place the blame firmly on ourselves, it’s a lot harder! Don’t misunderstand me…Not everyone has been given the eyes to see God’s vision for your life (or their own)! Just accept it! But what have YOU been overlooking in your own life? So, wipe the “sleep” out of your eyes…clean your glasses…change your contacts do whatever you have to in order to see YOUR VISION clearly! Awesome things are awaiting YOU!!! Be Blessed Angels!♥ #ELDS #LTMA #Favor #Increase #KingdomDream

Welcome To Sensational Saturday My Sweet Angels!♥ GUESS WHAT?…You ARE Anointed For This!! They sit back watching waiting on you to fail, They see you struggling and won’t support you, they see you discouraged and won’t encourage you, they see the God in you but won’t acknowledge that you’ve changed, They would rather leave you on the side of the road instead of help you reach your destination, and they would rather gossip about you than use that same energy to pray for you. But don’t get upset, don’t get offended, and don’t try and get even because God has anointed you in this season of your life to STAND WITHOUT SUPPORT, TO SUCCEED WHEN YOU SHOULD BE STRUGGLING, TO PRAISE UNDER PRESSURE, TO KEEP A SMILE ON YOUR FACE WHILE THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT YOU BEHIND YOUR BACK. Don’t you worry and don’t you fret YOU WERE ANOINTED FOR THIS, YOU WERE ANOINTED TO WIN, TO PROSPER, TO START THE BUSINESS, START THE MINISTRY, TO WRITE THE BOOK, TO START THAT NEW CAREER, TO GET THE DEGREE!!! Declare right now: I AM ANOINTED FOR THIS!!! in the name of Jesus!!! Be Blessed Angels!♥ #ELDS #LTMA #Favor #Increase #KingdomDream

Welcome To Fabulous Favor Friday My Sweet Angels! ❤️ THE BLAME GAME!!! The easiest thing to do sometimes is to blame others for where you are in life. Some people blame their parents. Others blame their spouse, boss, church, the next door neighbor, the kids and even the mailman. If that doesn’t work, they blame genetics or a family curse. As long as you blame others for where you are in life, you’ll never get to where you should be. It’s time to stop playing “The Blame Game” and start taking control of your life. God has already equipped you with EVERYTHING you need to be the BEST you possible! Whether it’s physical weight, spiritual weight, emotional weight, or professional weight., you can do what the word of God says and “lay aside EVERY weight and sin that so easily besets you and run your race with patience.” (Hebrews 12:1). YES YOU CAN! The key is to stop blaming others and to start taking control of your own life. There is GREATNESS IN YOU just waiting to burst forth!…LET IT OUT! Be Blessed Angels!♥ #ELDS #LTMA #Favor #Increase #KingdomDream

Welcome To Thriving Thursday My Sweet Angels ❤️ OPEN YOUR HEART!!! Start your day off right today by opening your heart to God and giving Him your hurt. Often we hold hurt and refuse to let go of those pains. Jesus said to cast all of our cares upon Him, so why hold on to something when Jesus is willing to take it. “Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted.” (Psalms 25:16) Call to God this morning and receive His unconditional love and healing from your wounds. Cast your cares on Jesus He can handle your hurt and despair. You are not equipped to carry it any longer. Let it go! “I am in pain and distress; may your salvation, O God, protect me.” (Psalm 69:29) Be Blessed Angels!♥ #ELDS #LTMA #Favor #Increase #KingdomDream

Welcome To Winning Wednesday My Sweet Angels <3 ONE OF THOSE DAYS. Whenever you’re having one of those days, you know the one, when you feel nothing’s going your way, look to God and realize that it’s His way. His will for your life when you entrust Him with it, is perfect…no matter what is going on around you. Nothing is dull when we realize our lives are meant to be lived for Him and of Him. For the glory and honor of God. Sometimes you may feel you don’t have the motivation or the drive, well only that can come from the Loving God Himself. It should come to the point where just thinking about Him everyday becomes your stamina to press on. To where no mountain you deem too high for you will stop you in your tracks. You’re inspiration comes from the GOD within, it comes from your heart where God resides. Inspiration is seen all around us, yes, from a father picking up his child and holding them tight, to the swirls billowing from a Starbucks mug, yet the key concept is to tie God into EVERYTHING. All for the Majesty. All for God, the Beautiful Being who holds YOU tight when you just wish there were someone there for you, who billows His breath upon the lands for breeze. Our God IS an AWESOME God…HE REIGNS, and He loves YOU very, very much…AND SO DO I! Be Blessed Angels!♥ #ELDS #LTMA #Favor #Increase #KingdomDream

Welcome To Turnaround Tuesday My Sweet Angels ❤ SET IT AND FORGET IT!!! In my most difficult situations (and believe me there have been MANY), I have found myself asking through a river of tears: “Lord, why did You have to break me down like THIS?” I know you too have wondered why you were broken in the situation you’re going through but you must understand it’s for a COMPLETE HEALING. You see Angels, being born with a birth defect (Cerebral Palsy) has meant that I have had to endure many surgeries in my life and many times a surgeon would have to break a bone in order to guarantee that it sets properly. In the same way, God has to sometimes break us in order to set us in OUR proper place…A stabilization process, a spiritual fracture hematoma process is taking place, stronger spiritual tissue is developing, there’s a transformation taking place which bridges the gap between the two pieces to make you whole. God has not left you; he’s in fact working on you. You were broken so you could heal and be delivered! Mark my words, once the TOTAL HEALING has manifested, you will leave the place you are in at this very moment and NEVER return! GLORY BE TO GOD! Be Blessed Angels!♥#ELDS #LTMA #Favor #Increase #KingdomDream