Category: depressed

Today I felt proud for going back on my meds and recognizing that I still need them, and that that’s okay.


Tifp because I ate enough food after barely eating for a few days.

Gooood!!! Your body will thank you!

Today I felt proud because I got up and ate something! I've also been slowly getting out of my funk and I drew something today!!!

Yay!!! Drawing is the best!!!


today i felt proud because i went to the doctor and got my antidepressants! i even got my flu shot even though it really grossed me out.


Tip because I actually played in band today instead of sitting there and feeling sorry for myself!


yesterday I felt proud because I remembered to take my meds and I made it through the day without crying!


I am alive.


Today I felt proud because I went to therapy alone for the first time!!!!!!!!! (I also got my flu shot)


today I felt proud because I had a hard time getting out of bed but still did it, went to class and talked a little during class discussion

Smashing those goals!!!!

Today I felt proud because I went from being on FMLA for my mental health to getting a bonus for my performance!!!

Ayyyyyyyyyy congrats!!!!!!!!