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We often attempt to calculate worth as to determine if something is worth our money, effort, or time. There are a large variety of factors that oftentimes influence these decisions, but it isn’t always easy to accurately calculate. When these calculations hold up our ability to make a decision, it may be best to simply move on. Let us not focus so heavily on the worth, but work to balance our decision making.



When we have difficult decisions to make, it can sometimes feel impossible to make a choice. We go back and forth for hours attempting to determine what would be best given a situation. Yet amidst all this, not only does his create unnecessary stress, but ultimately places us in a state of unrest. Let us work to become better at making decisions, for it will ultimately pay off in the long run.



There are many avenues, details, opinions, and thoughts to consider. On a daily basis, we are often faced with more opportunities to decide on than we can imagine or handle. Truly, not only is it overwhelming, but oftentimes causes us to stumble and even give up trying. As such, rather than focusing on making a decision, let us instead simply consider what our heart and mind is telling us, for surely there is a reason behind it.



There are lots of avenues and potential opportunities to consider in our lives. Truly, we will be presented with endless choices and options throughout our lives. It is our job to sort out which ones are truly feasible and which ones we should abandon. Only then can we feel as though we made a thoughtful decision.

A quick #message that came upon my heart #toni…

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A quick #message that came upon my heart #tonight. Be wise in your #decision making and careful of who you surround yourself with.

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The decisions you make today will determine yo…

The decisions you make today will determine your tomorrow. Be wise in your #decision making.

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Decisions are rarely easy. We can become so caught up in our current schedule and life that breaking the norm and forcing ourselves to chose something new can be heart wrenching. Yet, it’s a decipline that we must hold ourselves to as we truly work to make each decision one that we will be proud of in our future for years to come.