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Patience is a virtue that is oftentimes difficult to stick to. However it is so crucial to our growth as an individual. It is true that the best things come to those who wait. If we rush into something before the time is right, the reward will never be developed. We must learn and practice patience each and every day. For when we do, nothing will be the same.



Relationships can truly be a challenge. They force us out of our comfort zones and into new unknowns. Even though the struggles, these relationships are always worth pushing through. It’s in these times of difficulty that incredible growth will occur.



We forget all too often that there are greater things ahead. Life doesn’t simply stop moving forward simply because we find ourselves in a rut. Instead, we must remind ourselves to continue to push forward each and every day as we work towards are largest goals in life.



Dream about new ideas, places, and events. It’s these dreams that spark something within us that truly will allow us to thrive. Without dreams, we may never see our goals come to fruition. Let us think big and always look for the next adventure.



We don’t always know what we want or need. As a result, we often believe that the more we collect, the better. However this simply is not true. The more that we collect or own instead typically leads to frustration and angst. Let us not collect more than we need but live with appreciation for what we already have.

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At times, we simply need to talk. To hash out ideas that we otherwise may not excersize is a beautiful way to live our lives. Let us always keep in discussion and do our best to form a community.



To thrive is to go far beyond what we believed to be possible. There is genuinely so much we can do to increase our chances of success but we must focus to do so. Let us clear distractions that may get in our way and do whatever we can to co cent rate on the end game.



We often trick ourselves into believing that our lives are simply made up of childhood where we grow, adulthood where we work, and retirement where we rest. However this is such a limited and false view of our lives. Truly, our lives are an ever flowing and continuous path to which there is a gradual end. If we can look at the large picture of what our lives should look at, we will begin to better understand and focus on our priorities.



Distraction effects us all. Each of us can quickly and easily find ourselves taken away from our current focus only to divert our attention to something likely less important. While technology has only caused this reality to become more extreme, we can learn to control our distractions in order to mitigate lost productivity.