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We all have active and vivid imaginations. However not all of us utilize them as much as we should. Oftentimes, our best ideas and life changing opportunities come when we simply dream. This can only happen with an imagination that we allow to run wild. Let us dream up unbelievable things and put ourselves to work to truly accomplish them.



Our dreams and aspirations often point towards glamorous things. We have a perception and view of the way our life, a place, or an individual could and should be from afar, yet it’s not until we truly live through it or experience it that the glamour fades away. In summation, nothing is ever as perfect as it appears from the outside. We will oftentimes find that when we truly go out to accomplish what we set out for, our satisfaction drops significantly once it is in our past and we are living it. Let us come to appreciate where we are now as only through contentedness will true happiness come.



Take each day as a step and opportunity towards something new. Rather than looking at life through a wide lense, it’s important for us, at times, to zoom in on the details and current moment. In doing this, we are able to more closely concentrate on the areas in which we need improvement, whether personally, relationally, in our career or elsewhere. It opens our eyes to a more visible daily life.



The feeling of frustration is oftentimes one of bitterness. Whether a fallout as a result of plans not going through or our high expectations not being met, it can be difficult to come to terms with. However, while it is difficult, we must remember that it is a natural feeling and one that we all face from time to time. It is, ultimately, how we chose to deal with our frustration that will determine our success in the long run. Let us face our frustration head on and meditate on its cause. As we do, certainly our minds will open up and our eyes will see more clearly.



It is much too easy for us to opt for comfort and stay in our homes or quirky places, alone, in our down time. In fact, there is nothing wrong with this and it’s necessary to maintain a healthy life and mindset. Yet if we find that day after day, month after month, we aren’t pushing ourselves to go out and connect with others, truly we are missing out on a critical aspect of our future. Deep connection is necessary to grow ourselves and become the individual we were born to be. As such, let us commit ourselves to attending events and meeting with other around us, for we will certainly see the positive change in our lives.



The future always has something new in store. This brings a level of excitement and anticipation for something larger and more important in our lives. Oftentimes with this level of anticipation, we quickly lose patience and our anxiety escalates. It’s easy to fall into the trap of instant gratification, for with our modern technology, this is simply the norm. Yet we must practice patience and learn to wait for that which is important to us. Truly, as we do, we will notice a significant change in our gratification and appreciation for what is up ahead.



There will be times in which we feel lost and are unsure where to turn. We feel mentally and physically exhausted with how our life has played out and don’t have a vision for our future. Nearly everyone goes through times such as these and it can feel not only disheartening but can quickly spiral into depression. However in our darkest times such as these, we must have faith and hope that God has something larger for us – a plan that He has prepared. Truly, as we pray and listen to what this plan is, only then we will begin to see the vision for our tomorrow.



We are incapable of living life by ourselves. Indeed, we must rely on other beings to survive and thrive. This not only includes material goods to physically sustain, but mental sustainence via communication and relationship. However this means we must also build trust with those around us. As much as we’re often told to make our own decisions as no one can be trusted, this is a sad state to view the world. Truly, let us open up and trust that there is good in this world. For as we do, a new world of friendships and opportunities will open.

I like this #quote. It reminds me of when #God…

I like this #quote. It reminds me of when #God told his disciples that he will have to #suffer many things at the hand of #man and be killed in order for him to #rise again 3 days later. Matthew 16:21; See we look at things in a carnel #mindset and it seems like your whole #life is falling apart. If we just stay in prayer and think about the #spiritual side of things. There’s growth, #blessings and #joy on the other side. Just keep getting up and rising to a #new day. Your #ressurrection is coming. Be uplifted. Be inspired. Be Unbreakable.

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When all seems to be going smoothe and suddenly the conversation stops, it can raise question as to what we might have done wrong. Truly it can be frustrating and can cause us to rethink the way that we approach others. However we must remember that it isn’t always personal and each situation is entirely different. Let us take a step back and realize that it likely isn’t as extreme as we may believe.