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Our initial thoughts are not always correct or ideal. Indeed, it’s easy to jump to conclusions and begin to believe false information and lies. Yet let us take the time to rethink our beliefs. As we do, we will begin to see a positive shift in our results.

God said it. And I believe it. #beunbreakabl…

God said it. And I believe it.

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Connecting with others is critical to our wellbeing. We were not created to be alone or isolated. As such, it is critical that we find others we can socialize with. Deeper than surface level, these connections guide and transform us into the person we desire to be. Let us seek out these connections and work to make an impact in our lives.



Look ahead to the future when we are feeling low. There are few things more encouraging than having something to look forward to. As such, let us go forward with open eyes and an open mind and make the most of each day.



The world is larger than we often think. There are so many communities within vast distances, it can be impossible to comprehend. The best way to learn and experience what life is like ourside our home is to travel. Whenever we have an opportunity, let us set our sights abroad and experience as much of the world as we can. As we do, our world view will surely shift.



When resources are readily available at our fingertips, it may be time to rethink how we structure our lives. It’s easy to feel as though the best option is to continue the way we started, carrying on traditions as we remember. Yet when our environment changes, it is with great benefit that we should work to reorganize our lives. When we do, we likely will begin to witness the slow improvement in our day to day activities.

Trust in God timing. #beunbreakable #faith #…

Trust in God timing.

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Truly, we naturally do not want to compromise. We desire to see things go our way without any reconciliation. As such, we tend to hold our ground and hold back from giving into others’ ideas. However this leads to monopolies that in turn can compromise the experience of others. We must be willing to step out of our comfort zone and give into what others have to say. When we do, surely we will see vast improvement in our lives.



Let us strive to make a difference in this world. No matter our goal or aspiration, if we put our entire heart into what we love, surely we will thrive and change the world for the better. Each step may be slow, but we will eventually make our way to the end.


Let Go

Let us let go of that which is unnecessary or we can survive without. Truly, the less we live with, the more freedom we have.