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Today i felt proud becouse I got out of bed and did well on a exam tody without feeling anxious


Today I felt proud because I went on a date and didnt make a nervous wreck of myself!

Awwww cuteee!!!! I’m so happy for you!

Today I felt proud for going back on my meds and recognizing that I still need them, and that that’s okay.


Today I felt proud, because I told my professor the real reason, why I didn't hand in the assignment. I had test anxiety and usually I feel ashamed to admit that.

That is really brave of you! Well done!


tifp because i wrote my last exam and i'm expecting good results despite a mentally tough exam. I'm done with school now. Dobby is free. Dobby made it. Dobby feels hella proud


today i felt proud because i spent money without getting overly anxious about it


Today I'm proud that I went to school for the first time in a while even though it gives me really bad anxiety. And I did a healthy thing to calm down from a panic attack. I called a friend and had them help instead of suffering in silence like usual. Sorry for it being so long.

That’s really big! 

And by the way, NEVER apologise for it “being too long” xxx


As we work toward our goals in life and make strives to get to our destination, there will be hardships along the way. Truly, we will find ourselves in situations in which we may long for the life we had, admdst our unhappiness with it. Yet even when it is daunting, we must push forward with our goals as truly it will pay off in the long run.

Tifp because I finally realised my mental health is going better even with my anxiety attacks in the mornings I have class (when I have to go somewhere alone time stresses me out).


I feel proud bc my school's swim tryouts were this week and i was dealing with really bad anxiety from them, but i met with my therapist in between two of the days and noticed such a drastic change in how i felt in in my mindset. I'm really happy i could finish tryouts on a high note, plus i made the team!