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tifp because i wrote my last exam and i'm expecting good results despite a mentally tough exam. I'm done with school now. Dobby is free. Dobby made it. Dobby feels hella proud


today i felt proud because i went to the doctor and got my antidepressants! i even got my flu shot even though it really grossed me out.


today i feel proud because after 3 years of figuring out mental heath stuff and what i want to do, i got into college!! i did it all by myself and i’m really excited about this next step even tho it’s not ever where i thought i’d be. EEEPP!


tifp because instead of having a panic attack about what the hell im gonna do with myself once I graduate in a couple weeks, I thought of how many funko pops I could buy when I actually have a pay check, as stupid as that sounds.


Tdifp because i tidied my room today

*happy dance* 🙂

today I felt proud because I made myself get out of bed and make something to eat, even though I wasn't feeling hungry

Yes!!! You have to fuel your body- you’re worth it!

today i felt proud because i spent money without getting overly anxious about it


today i felt proud because i made an apple pie!!!


Today I felt proud because i brushed my teeth, went on a walk, AND got an 81% on my math exam!!!



Tifp because I posted a piece of writing and it got a lot of notes and I had a follower jump of like 50 and I'm just proud that yaknow… that's MY writing that's doing well

Hell yeah it is!!! Congrats!!!