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We truly never know what lies just ahead in our lives. Anything can take a downhill turn and we could find ourselves deeply afraid of what is just ahead. While we can do our best to mitigate risks, surely there will always be unexpected occurances in our lives. Let us calm our minds and work to focus on what matters most, rather than keeping our mindset stuck on unnecessary fears.



When life feels shaky and things simply aren’t going the way we had intended, it can be difficult to trust that all will work out in the end. Yet God has so much in store for us and truly will direct us. As such, let us have faith and trust that everything will by okay and leave all worry behind.



It’s easy to become afraid of what life may have in store for us. Truly, we never will know what is just ahead. Yet even amidst all this, if we take control of our future and guide it in the direct we desire, we will reach a point of confidence and comfort. From there, we can surely achieve our dreams.

In your mind you may feel #afraid. But in your…

In your mind you may feel #afraid. But in your #heart, know that no weapon formed against you shall #prosper.

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