Author: Why Did You Feel Proud Today?

Today I felt proud because I finished all my homework in my own time until waiting until last minute, not finishing it, or waiting until my parents got on my back about it.

GO YOU!!! Congrats that’s awesome!! 

I FINISHED EDITING THE VIDEOS! And they're already scheduled to be uploaded! Now I can do homework in peace for the next month 😊

Ugh what a relief!!! 


Today I felt proud because I killed a very big spider in my room, even though I'm very scared of spiders. It was even moving when I went near it!


Today I felt proud because I ordered something at a restaurant without having anyone speak for me!! I also cracked jokes with the waiter!!



Today I felt proud because I decided to go on a walk for my mental and physical health. When I reached the park, I saw people exercising. I walked up and asked about it, and they let me join them! I was able to get through the workout despite not excercising much for a while. It was a bright sunny day, and after walking 4 miles and working out, I feel better.

UMMMMM WOAH!!!!!!!!!! Good on you!!!! It takes a lot of bravery to go up and just join in with people!

today i felt proud because im one year clean of self harm


Today I felt proud because after spending the beginning of the week having horrible anxiety and depressing thoughts about the interview I had this morning, I still made it and I think it went pretty well.

Ayyyyyy!!!!! Wishing you all the best xx

Today I felt proud because I tried to talk to my mom but she simply didn't care, so I got through it myself and actually felt better!

You are more powerful than you even realise xx


Today I feel proud that, despite my executive dysfunction, I was able to help clean around the house.


Today I feel proud because I finally finished talking out my issues with depression and self harm with my girlfriend (I’ve been going through a depressive episode lately and she just didn’t know what was going on) and I especially feel proud because I agreed to try to be more positive and visit a therapist with her help and I reallly really meant it

You are a fighter and you’ve got a good gal xx