Author: Strictly Minimal


We must ultimately trust that everything will work out. That our future will be okay and everything will end up as it should.


We must work to find a balance between our necessary duties and our freedom and desires. It’s important that we remember that all of this is critical to our mental and emotional wellbeing. In seeking out and finding this balance, we truly will realize that we are living a healthier life.


We must learn to be patient with ourselves and others. Life simply will not move as fast as we desire. We need to learn flexibility and wait for good things to come. In doing this, certainly we will see our lives change for the better as our mindset points toward a happier and brighter future.


Let us be deliberate with our time. Rather than simply going with the flow and observing what others our doing, let us work to spend our time where it is most valueable and work to push forward in our career and our goals in life.


Let us take time to reflect on our days – look back on all the good and bad that happened. In doing so, we’ll ultimately learn more about ourselves and what the future holds for us.


Even in the slow moments, let us remember to talk things through with those we love and care about. It’s not always easy to remember to make this a priority. As such, we must learn to discuss and be open about how we feel and how we are doing. We will begin to see a substantial increase in our happiness as we maintain this.


Even on the greatest of trips and vacations, our home will always be where we feel like we belong. It’s where we are most comfortable and where our closest relationships have been established. In this, let us respect and appreciate our home and everything it gives to us.


When we come together with good friends and cannot help but share stories and laughter, our lives can open up in ways we never imagined. Let us truly open up during these times and let us express how we truly feel.


Let us appreciate the small moments. Reconnecting with friends, visiting a new city, remembering stories of our past. It’s in these moments that we really learn what we value most and can focus on these aspects on our life going forward.


Leaving our home can bring feelings of excitement, joy, anxiety, and anticipation. It’s an incredible journey that will being so many new experiences and opportunities. We should always leave with an open mind and look toward what is to come down the pipeline.