Welcome To Spirit-Filled Sunday My Sweet Angel…

Welcome To Spirit-Filled Sunday My Sweet Angels !❤️ (My Personal ‘A-ha’ Moment)…Something very interesting happened to me the other day, someone who has been following my posts on Facebook for quite some time contacted me to say that they wished to sow a “Love Gift/Offering “ into my ministry. They explained how my daily posts had led them back into the arms of the Lord. (Now, THAT is the reason why I do this!) In that moment, I was taken aback because it never occurred to me that the Lord would speak to someone to sow into my ministry. I don’t know why it shocked me because that’s exactly what God will do. I sow into people all the time so why wouldn’t the Lord instruct someone to sow into me and mine. My initial reaction was to decline the offer. but then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “…Receive it in the love and obedience that it is being given… You are a giver you give of yourself on a daily basis now let the harvest come in.”

With a great deal of reluctancy, I received the blessing and I thanked them for being obedient to the leading of the Lord and I thought that was the end of it. But a few hours later, I received a message from the same person informing me that they were praying for a specific circumstance to work in their favor and as they were praying, the Lord instructed them to sow into my ministry for the breakthrough that they needed and they informed me that the circumstance that they had been battling for months finally worked in their favor and they attributed it to their sowing in obedience.

I immediately began to cry because it hit me like a ton of bricks that because I was not as comfortable in receiving from God as I should be, I almost missed an opportunity to truly be a blessing to someone else. How many other opportunities have you or I missed because we were afraid to receive? God’s ways are truly not like our ways. Giving and RECEIVING go hand and hand! I have struggled with receiving from people (especially money) my entire life because I have never wanted to be seen as dependent or a burden but God showed me in that moment that I almost cost another person their blessing because of my fear of receiving! I will never d