No need to unpack your bags, the next Geyser o…

No need to unpack your bags, the next Geyser of Awesome Field Trip is already set to go. This time we’re heading to Thailand, specifically to the Samphran district where we’ll find the spectacular Wat Samphran, the Temple of the Rising Dragon. It’s a Buddhist temple in the form of a vivid pink, 80-meter-tall, 17 story tower with a gigantic green and gold scaled dragon coiled around the entire structure. Climbing all the way to the top of the tower is rewarded by the opportunity to stroke the dragon’s beard or touch one of its talons.

“The design of the structure came to the founder of the temple during a 7-day fasting meditation, and is built 80 meters tall to honor the number of years that Buddha lived.”

Watch this video from Great Big Story to get a 360 view of this awesome temple:

Photos by @nicopicz, @somos_aloha_mundo, @mundo_nomada_travel, @seryachkova, and @hydrosapien respectively.

[via Colossal]